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Neutron Cannon
- War Gunner & Commander of the War Call

- War Axe Commander & War Call

Nuclear Grinder
- War Saw & War Call



War Command was formed fom the ashes of The Kursed (Black/Thrash) & Storm of Damnation (Black Metal cover band). Phil (Warkaiser), who was in Storm of Damnation, got invited to joined The Kursed to play Axe with Sven (Neutron Cannon) behind the Hammer. During that change, the other members of The Kursed left the band (except Sylvester Anfang, War Call) so, Warkaiser asked his old bandmates of «SOD» to join us, Neutron Cannon & Sylvester Anfang. Ray (Warbrecht) & Guy (Blood Thrower) join the band & it was the first incarnation of War Command.

Since then, Blood Thrower left the band to continue his University & Sylvester Anfang also left to concentred on his Black Metal project (Unhinged). Louis(Wolf) remplaced the War Call in 2007. He had time to record the demo & do a couple shows with the platoon before he when away for a job out of the city. Fred (Nuclear Grinder), of the band Thrash/Death Kaotik, remplaced Blood Thrower on Warsaw & Neutron Cannon is now the War Gunner & War Call for the band & recently WarKaiser also left the horde for personal reasons.

IWarbrecht was in (Storm of Damnation) R.I.P. & Nuclear Grinder is in (KaotiK) Que. Also in War Command!!!! Neutron Cannon was in (Slow Death) Qué, (Emetic Putrefaction) Qué, (Domini Inferi) Edm, (Cudgel) Edm, (Lust) Edm, (Infernal Majesty) Van, (Nekromantik Kurse) Van, (Invictus) Van, (Blasphemy) Van,( The Kursed)Qué, presently in War Command !!!!!! The Band was Formed in December 2004!!


. Ouis

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