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Cat. Number : AUTIST 018

Release date : 2004

Format : CD (limited edition 500 copies)

Genre : Raw Black Metal

Country of origin  : Finland



01. Moon of Pain
02. Disease of the Earth (WMA)
03. Thundergrove
04. Cleansing Embrace
05. Misanthropic Rejection
06. Deadfog
07. Casting No Shadow
08. Withering Season (WMA)
09. A Beacon Unseen
10. Voices of the Nameless

Blasphemous, grim Black metal played in the traditional way:  very cold and bleak, no sweet melodies.  The sound is raw and crude, but this is no shitty "bathroom recording".   Just pure necro sound!!!  In the vein of Behexen, Tsjuder, Sargeist.....  Re-release of the first promo tape in CD format with bonus tracks and a new layout.  This was originally issued by Autistiatili Records (Canada).  This label has now ceased activities and sold the remainings of  their latest pressings to Morbid Moon Records.  Here is the only official lair from wich you can still get those raw Black Metal gems.  Hails to true BM !!

CD –
available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.