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Cat. Number : MMR 009

Release date : November 2006

Format : CD

Genre : 
Irreligious Black Metal

Country of origin  : Belgium


01. Astralantithese
02. The Barn Owl’s Flight
03. Sculptures of Perishing Ornaments
04. Grave Erosion Abyss ( Funeral Chariot Procession) (MP3)
05. Pest Hammer, Trumpets of Complete Loss
06. Ethereal Veil of Aryan Nebulah

Here comes the 6th and last piece of Vociferian called: "Beredsamkeit". This chapter close the circle of 7 years of possession. The concept is now over as the preludium, war and regression steps accomplished their rites. Then comes the time for naturalistic forces to restore an elder age, a new era, a rebirth of forest's mystical might !!! So that the cycle of life and destruction is now at apogee and sealed forever and ever!!

Lord genocide offers here, its best effort full of devoted soul and coming from the real heart of the unleashing wrath of nature. Influenced by Burzum, Ildjarn, Abyssic Hate, Kampfar... going further through his art, and more than ever giving another sense to his musical craft.

CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.