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«Preludium to Massacre»

Cat. Number : AUTIST 017

Release date : July 2004

Format : CD (limited edition 500 copies)

Genre : Skum - Crushing Black / Death Metal

Country of origin  : Belgium



01. Enslaved Skies From Divine Hatred
02. The New Born Funeral
03. Breathing The Infectious Particles
04. Impenetrable Fog
05. Enthroned By Vilest Instinct (WMA)
06. Affliction
07. Post Slaughtering Desolation
08. The day Following The Liar Birth
09. Mayhemic Wrath
10. The Necrogoat Ceremonial
11. Blackhorned Blasphemy

Black Fucking Christ-crushing DM...  For sure a proper vision of black/death musical extremism.  The spirit of war can be heard once again :  originally released on tape only, this is the demo pressed on limited edition CD (500 copies).  Witness the source of the anger unleashed afterwards by this one – man war machine.   This was originally issued by Autistiatili Records (Canada).  This label has now ceased activities and sold the remainings of  their latest pressings to Morbid Moon Records.  Here is the only official lair from wich you can still get those raw Black Metal gems.  Hails to true BM !!

CD –
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