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Cat. Number : AUTIST 020

Release date : 2005

Format : CD  (limited edition 500 copies)

Genre :  Sick Black / Filth Metal

Country of origin  : Finland



01. Liekkeihin
02. Kohti Tähtiä
03. Kutsu
04. Verivala (WMA)
05. Saasta
06. Virta
07. Voittomme (WMA)
08. Jeesuksen Muistolle

Putrid Black assault: razorblade riffs to slash your wrists open, topped with the screams of a mental assylum patient.   Raw and dirty sound doesn't interfere with good production.  Truely morbid & devious, chainsaw guitars churns out thrashy hate – filled riffs without mercy.  Not for weak trendie ears!!!  !!   This was originally issued by Autistiatili Records (Canada).  This label has now ceased activities and sold the remainings of  their latest pressings to Morbid Moon Records.  Here is the only official lair from wich you can still get those raw Black Metal gems.  Hails to true BM !!

CD –
available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.

Here we have first full lenght album of this Finnish duo. It took me a few listens to truly appreciate the material… Especially getting used to the manic vocals. Those are really sick and demented, insanely screamed out with shear agression. But also incorporating a very bleak atmosphere.

But this ain’t the only thing that sets this band a bit apart from the « usual » stream of Black Metal. For one thing, they do not rely on poor, bathroom-recorded quality production to sound « evil ». The rusty-chainsaw guitar sound topped with the screams of what sounds like a mental assylum patient fill that role pretty well. At the opposite, production is very clear, so that these creations can pummel your sorry ears to its full grandeur ! Damn, you can even hear the bass lines.

As for the musick, it should be obvious by now that this ain’t your girlfriend’s romantic flutty Black metal. This is pure fucking Armageddon. The base is Black Metal, but the sloppy sounding guitars and sometimes thrashy riffs pushes beyond, even recalling the atmosphere of the very first Bathory disc…. played at 45 rpm !! But this ain’t no retro try-out, the compositions are way too fast and vicious. I can’t put it better than saying that this disc literally bleeds hatred and rage. The only band I know that could share similarities with this is Annihilatus. The songs are very varied, not made up of 2, 3 simple riffs and do not sound alike each other. While not stunning, the drums keep the pace fast and bleak, wich I believe is the core of this release.

This album has really grown on me, and I recommand it to the true underground maniacs who like their metal raw, vicious and irritating for non-initiated ears. Even Black freaks who are a bit tired of all those Darkthrone clones out there, dare experience cold hatred like you have not heard often these past years…. The band does not seem to be wishing for mass exposure, and even if they were… I think this is too restrictive and shall only be appreciated by true maniacs. Not for trendy ears !! Packaging / lay-out is pretty minimal, you have band picture but no lyrics. All songs titles are in finnish… this is limited to 500 hand numbered copies, so you should get it if you see it !hould get it if you see it !!

Written by :  TrotQ on June 21st, 2005.    Taken from Encyclopedia Metallum