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«Tyrants Blood»

Cat. Number : MMR 011

Release date : September 2006

Format : CD

Genre : Savage Black / Thrash Metal

Country of origin  : British Columbia, CANADA



01. Destroyer
02. Heretic (MP3)
03. Cursed
04. Tyrants Blood
05. Deceiver (MP3)
06. Shadows
07. Black Storm Coming
08. Warhammer
09. Wolfheart
10. Rebel Angel

This is the culmination of that which is purest in metal. Raw, unbridled fury from metal veterans (featuring ex-guitarist from BLASPHEMY and WITCHES HAMMER!!), this album bleeds from the pores of Canadian metal ancestry. Taking a cue from the extreme sound of the west coast like Blasphemy, Conqueror, Tumult, Procreation etc... and fusing it with the thrash of old from the likes of Razor, Exciter, Aggression, Sacrifice, Armoros and Karrion.

This album recreates that which is classic and timeless while retaining an extreme sound and a uniqueness all of it's own. This is the soundtrack to the apocalypse. Honouring the brutality set by the origins of our lifestyle. Fuck the Fashion, fuck Black Metal elitist pussies, fuck the comedy metal cunts that poison our integrity!! Ross Bay Cult Eternal! To the Death!

CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.

LP – tba