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Martin Von Fah-Q
- Throat & Thunder

The Evil Onit
- Chainsaws

The Butcher
- Barbarik Battery



1992: OBEISANCE founded by Martin Von Fah-Q (april). "October demise" first song written; too many lineup changes.

1993: Demo 1 "The Cold Waste" recorded. Martin does guitar/vocals with session members.

1994: Demo 2 "Black Baptism of October" recorded March. Martin on drums/vocals/guitar and Shuvaka on guitar/drums. "Hellbent on Slaughter", 6 songs for a split with Equitant(Absu) recorded in the unholy Mexico city* (see 2007). MvfQ on throat,Shuvaka on guitar/bass joined by Blackness the dark one on warkegs and Evil Onit on lead guitar. Produced by Daniel Corchado!

1995: New songs being written by Martin Von Fah-Q.

1996: Debut full length "Infierno eterno" recorded, mixed etc. in feb 1996* (see 2007) in Mexico city in 24 hours (or less ; cannot remember exactly due to alcoholic reasons). Produced by Daniel Corchado! Shuvaka on guitar/bass, Blackness the Dark one on warkegs, Evil Onit on lead guitar & Martin vfQ on throat.

1998: Martin committed to Texas Penal system.

1999: New songs written for double cd. It is canceled and many songs used on "Lucifer Master".

2001: "Lucifer Master" begins recording in December in Chicago, Illinois at Lux inframundis studio,Daniel Corchado again producing. Kalvator joins on four and six string attacks.

2002: "Lucifer..." recordings finished; a deal is secured with Utterly Somber creations.

2003: Utterly Somber Creations (Chicago, Ill.) releases "Lucifer Master" on cd. Shuvaka ,Kalvator and Blackness the dark one relocate to Chicago. Martin vfQ returns to Hell Paso. Obeisance tours the U.S. and Mexiko in support of "Lucifer Master". Martin writes new album. Merciless records (Germany) releases "Lucifer Master" on vinyl.

2004: Megiddo Blood Glutton (Pyre) joins on Koffins. Gigs ensue in El Paso as rehearsals for new album.

2005: "Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil" is rekorded in Febuary at Marching Plague Studios in El Paso, Texas with C.J. Holguin producing. Megiddo Blood Glutton leaves Obeisance and D. Crazy joins (Oktober).

2006: Blackseed Productions (Spain) releases "Unholy, Unwholesome & Evil" (Spring). Obeisance enters Oscuridad Studios in El Paso, Texas and rekords the "SatanikShoktroops auf Doom" 7"ep with Tury Saldana producing (December): Iron Bonehead productions deal secured for its release. Vinyl deal for "Unholy unwholesome & Evil" secured with Hell's Headbangers (US) / C.U.M. records (France) as a joint release ; many bonus tracks to be included. DVD "Satanik warfare in Texas" released through Sick productions (US).

2007: The "F.U.C.K.: Forever Unholy Christian Karnage" 7"ep is rekorded in June, again at Oscuridad Studios, with Tury Saldana producing. GasMask Productions (France) releases the "F.U.C.K." ep in December. "Hellbent on slaughter" (1994) mcd finally released with first 2 demos and 3 videos on an enhanced cd through Desastrious Records (U.S.). "Infierno Eterno" deal finalized with Hellfire records (Mexiko) but has yet to see official release!!.

2008: Iron Bonehead Productions (Germany) releases "Satanik Shoktroops auf Doom" 7" ep in May. "Hell Hymns", a kompilation kvlt kassette-only release on Demonic War Cult Productions (Peru) is also released in May. Also, D. Crazy leaves Obeisance in June, D. butcher joins obeisance in july.

2009: Cd-r single "Snowgoats of Apokalypse" is released. Strikly ltd. to 66 units in july!! Obeisance have chosen to make tracks from their two 7"EPs available on CD format, along with several old tracks re-recorded exclusively for this release and one new, unreleased track. The re-rekorded tracks are definitly displaying the band's sickest and heaviest sound ever, limited pressing of 666 copies only!!


. Ouis

«Satanik Fuck CD 2009»

«Satanik Shoktroops Auf Doom EP 2008»

«F.U.C.K. : Forever Unholy Christian Karnage EP 2007»

«Unholy, Unwholesome and Evil CD 2006»

«Hellbent On Slaughter + demos CD 2007»

«Lucifer Master CD/LP 2002»

«Black Baptism of October demo 1993»