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John MacDougall
- bass, vocals

PentaGraham ‘Crucifuck’ Ferguson
- guitars / backing vocals

HellBastard Troy Kirker
- guitars / backing vocals

Evan Wamboltd
- panzer tanks


In August, 2000 four musicians known from Halifax noise mongers, Agoretion and Motorhead tribute, Hey Baby Give Me Motor Head joined forces once again for a local Halloween gig, jamming on Mayhem, Slayer, Sodom, War, old In Flames, Bathory, Venom and At the Gates covers, along with one original song called ‘Hellacaust’ which was adapted as the band name. This was supposed to be a one time thing, but fuck it, off we went.

Within 6 months several shows were played and Hellacaust released two demos, ‘Implements of Mass Destruction’ and ‘Premonitions of War’, respectively. After playing consistently for a year, we entered the studio to begin recording the debut full length CD. Produced all on our own and engineered/mixed by John MacDougall (vocalist/bassist) our first attempt went fairly well, resulting in ‘Dark Age Descending’, an album that took a year to finally release independently in November 2002. This album took the best songs from the two demos and gave them better production quality, as well as two new tracks beginning and ending the album. The first pressing of the album also included a cover of Slayer’s ‘Evil Has No Boundaries’ which the band had played live since the beginning. Throughout the album’s production process, Ontario based label/distro/friend SkullFuckingMetal Distribution re-released ‘Implements of Mass Destruction’ as a split CD-R with Toxic Holocaust.

Once ‘Dark Age Descending’ was released, original drummer, Myles Deck (The Defileator) decided to leave the band. In three months, we enlisted Evan Wamboltd behind the kit. A friend from college and a fellow sound engineer, he also helped mix the song ‘Heaven in Ashes’ on the ‘Dark Age Descending’ album. Over a couple more months of rehearsals, we got back up to ridiculous speed and began gigging, writing and demoing the tunes that would become the ‘Inevitable Dementia’ album. In late 2005 the band was approached by Great White North Records for the release of the album. The label released it in April 2006, the last record the label would put out before going out of business. This left the band with full distribution and promotion responsibilities. Within a year, the first run of ‘Inevitable Dementia’ had sold out and gained nothing but positive reviews.

Through the years we’ve had the pleasure of opening for several great bands such as Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Behemoth, Krisiun, Belphegor, Misery Index, Infernal Majesty, Nagaroth, Martyr and Anhkrehg among others and have done touring throughout eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Ontario) a number of times, solidifying our name throughout all of Canada and beyond.

2007 has brought a release of a split 7” with Vancouver, B.C. grinders, Mudlark, released through Montreal’s LaKlika Records and we look forward to seeing the mass’s reaction as we feel it’s our best performance and production thus far. We are also working out deals with underground labels to re-release the first two albums. The debut, ‘Dark Age Descending’ will be re-released by Bloodbucket Productions (Ontario) and ‘Inevitable Dementia’ will be released through Morbid Moon Records (Quebec). A new album, titled ‘Disgust’ has been issued in late 2008, also on Bloodbucket Prods.



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