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Cat. Number : MMR 014 CD

Release date : April 2008

Format : CD

Genre : Blasting Black/Death/Thrash Metal

Country of origin  : Nova Scotia, CANADA



01. Vengeance Incarnate
02. Embrace of Insanity (MP3)
03. Bauidh No Bas
04. An Allegiance with Plague and Disease
05. Crimes of the Holy
06. Reinventing Psychosis
07. Forsaken Rapture (MP3)
08. The Final Stand (Loss of Salvation)
09. Acid Reign


Playing twisted black metal with a heavy death metal influence, Canada's Hellacaust have dragged the best elements of '80's thrash into the mix to produce a bullet belt-toting, spike-covered, rutting metal bastard of an album. HELLACAUST manage to cut their way out of the mass grave of this congested extreme Metal market by the use of haunting production and extremely memorable riffing. The former is merely a genre qualifier to even get recognition, but the latter is what defines this outfit as a serious project which will force you to bang your goddamn head to the quickest of tempos until you suffer that magical 10th concussion you've been waiting for. The two also work in tandem, as the production supplements the guitars effectively in a manner not all too distant from a sturdy pair of brass knucks clenched in your fist.

CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.