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«Satanik Eon»

Cat. Number : MMR 006

Release date : September 2006

Format : CD (limited edition, 1000 copies)

Genre : Holocaustik Raw Black Metal

Country of origin  : Philippines, now relocated in Costa Rica.


01. Intro: Genocide
02. Angelrapeslay (MP3)
03. Sacrifice for Satan
04. Masofukkchrist
05. Satanists' War
06. 666 Division
07. Satanik Eon
08. Death to Everything
09. Eurynomos (Hellhammer cover)

Bonus track on 1st 1000 cds and 666 vinyl:
10. Desecration of Virgin (Sarcofago cover)

The long-awaited assault from the Filipino kvlt hordes! An unforgiving sonic holocaust ov kaozkrieg blasting, tormented by guitars that are the audial equivalent of rusty corrugated roofing being torn into shreds by hellish firestorm. The album blends the gasthly atmospheres of "INRI" and "In the Sign Of Evil", together with the decimating power of bands such as Revenge, Blasphemy & Conqueror and vomits forth an array of unrepentant atomic bomb crushing evil compositions. First 1000 copies are hand-numbered and include a bonus track (Sarcofago cover). Experience absolute nuklear seizures of savage bestiality!!!

CD –
available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.


What a filthy blastridden assault this is! The name DEIPHAGO might ring a bell for those who are interested in the efforts of extreme bands from exotic or obscure countries. This unholy three piece originally hailed from the Phillipines where they released several demos in order to find and refine their sound. Now, the band relocated to Costa Rica, recoding their first full length. Now to this offering… the intro, aptly titled 'Genocide' is a dramatic classical overture treated with some electronic effects which leads into the first barrage 'AngelRapeslay' after one minute. As you may deduce from the title, there is no sophisticated and controlled standard Black Metal to be expected – this is pure untamed South East Asian War / Black / Death Metal aggression. First points of reference could be IMPIETY and also ABHORER, but whereas the first adopted many Death Metal influences and now sound much closer to acts like ANGEL CORPSE or MORBID ANGEL, DEIPHAGO stay more in the War / Black realm, BESTIAL WARLUST come to my mind for example. Other influences cited by the info are CONQUEROR and REVENGE which may also give you a good idea of the direction these “god-eaters” take. Other than these bands, though, DEIPHAGO use much higher vocals – not the usual Black Metal screeching but very psychotic ranting / screaming - perverted, frantic Thrash vocals. Sometimes the vocalists go for a demonic hissing not unlike some passages found in the works of BEHERIT. The production on “Satanik Eon” is appropriate as the album sounds like a metallic storm hurled at you. Maybe the guitars and drums could be a little bit more present in the mix, even though the whole production contributes to the bestial and chaotic atmosphere that dominates this album. On top of the mangled cover of HELLHAMMER's 'Eurynomos', there is the welldone SARCOFAGO cover track 'Desecration Of Virgin' featured on LP the first 1000 CD pressing. The layout is rather simple in black and white, a “satanized” iron cross, some band pictures and quotations from Crowley's Liber AL in red ink behind the CD. Friends of clear productions, progressive arrangements and advanced musicianship will absolutely detest this album, worshippers of cruel War Metal will welcome a new horde and join the “Satanist's War” and proclaim “Death To Everything”.

Written by :  Ulrich Kreienbrink on February 5th, 2007.  Taken from Voices From The Darkside.


This release is definitely not for gay turds who listens to commercial stuff like the ones being recorded in abyss studio production. This is only for the ones who can handle true extreme in its purest form. This is in your face brutality. This is 10x the same power as the Canadians do and this is total south east asian attack. The same intensity as Abhorer. The drums varies from hyper blasting to average blast beats, from hi hats to cymbals, everything is extremely done in its holocausts atmosphere. Well DONE. No triggers here just pure cult attack! The guitars are complete ferocity with the shrill random solos that can only be heard on the old recordings of Slayer, Sarcofago, Blasphemy. That catches the old glory through this album. The bass is thundering distortion that you can feel the same vibe the same as an old Napalm Death album. The vocals, damn! This is something more of a highlight here. Killer rasps to low sick growls that will make your speakers rip and even a high pitch vocals done here , like the high pitch vocals in INRI. Are all PERFECTLY executed. Original and totally sick. The same power as to the covers. You thought nobody could bring justice to Sarcofago's desecration of virgin. Think again, this kicks 666x as the cover of Angel Corpse.

Written by :  tankAmmunition (Brazil) on Aug 02, 2007.  Taken from RATE YOUR MUSIC .


Incredibly belligerent war/satanic metal, the brutality of the whole album is unbelievable. Few bands actually hold their promises when they say they rip, well, Deiphago destroy everything. The tracks are very well produced for this kind of release, that makes the differerence between a dull and useless wall of noise and a great record vomited by demons in human guise. These maniacs come from the Philippines, but relocated in Costa Rica to record and unleash this malevolent assault. Forget about sub-par bands, Deiphago is the real deal! One last thing: the vocal work is impressive here, it is of an intensity rarely heard before. A little black gem spat by the Horned One himself.

Written by :  Melnibone (France) on March 16th, 2007.  Taken from RATE YOUR MUSIC .


Opening with a short orchestral piece titled "Genocide", Filipino outfit Deiphago suddenly erupts with "AngelRapeslay", a filthy, thrashy, and hideous display of Black Metal sure to make your speakers spew hate. Then comes "Sacrifice for Satan", another blistering track of hurricane noise, which is followed by "Masofukkchrist", and by this time you are fucked. Percussion, bass, and guitar are all stripped for speed, with only the vocals slow enough for discernment, the drums are so fast they sometimes sound like the engines from Anakin Skywalker's fucking pod racer. "Satanists' War" is just that, with the guitars shredding flesh while guttural vocals succumb to the hideousness of the shrieked ones. "666 Division" shows some semblance of construction, actually slowing down a notch, which ain't much, but still retaining a solid noise factor. The title track is a blitzkrieg of War Metal, complete with explosions and military-styled percussion (barely audible because of the speed, naturally), and "Eurynomos" (a Hellhammer cover) is given the Deiphago treatment, fast and intense. The CD closes with "Desecration of Virgin", a Sarcofago cover (from 1987's INRI). Satanik Eon makes no apologies for it's noise factor, so if you can't handle it, fuck off! Caveat: Make sure to let your ears heal before listening to this vortex of dissonance again.

SOD Issue 25
by Octavio Ramos, Jr.
9 Skulls .



FUCKING CRAZY!!!!!! The DEIPHAGO CD is a fucking massacre of chaos!!! KILLER!!!!!!!! The SARCOFAGO cover is mental!!!! I don't even recognize the song through all the apocalypse! Insane!

R. Forster (Blasphemy, Conqueror(RIP), Ross Bay Cult).