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« Erosplattered»

Cat. Number : MMR 012

Release date : March 2007

Format : CD

Genre : Holocaust Speed / Filth Metal

Country of origin  : Hellgium


01. Cadaveric Leather Sodomy (MP3)
02. Nameless Regurgitation Decay
03. Anti-apostolik Whoregazm
04. Sarcophallus Baphometikon
05. Executianal Confessional
06. Perversick Syphilikunt
07. Satanik Ampütatiö
08. Obscenitika (MP3)
09. Introibo ad Altare Dyaboli…

The CONJURATOR summons up a curse on this doomed planet. Winds of war rise to nourish the burning flames of Hell that will engulf the plague of mankind. Lost in the aftermath, blinded by the toxic fumes emanating from the cleansing, you futilely try to escape his rabid metallic decimation. Suddenly, the pain in your head is unbearable, but it only lasts a few seconds. Time enough to realize that the Conjurätör has split opened your fucking skull with a single swing of the axe.

Erosplattered is the true soundtrack of world cremation. Blistering Speed Holocaust Metal in the vein of very old Impaled Nazarene and Azag-Thoth (anyone remembers this weird outfit from Switzerland who issued “Reign Supreme” in 1996??). Nearly 25 minutes of corpse fucking Black Metal puke, priced as mini-cd.

CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.