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Warlock Of The Split Hooves
- Guitars, drums, bass & vocals


Conjüratör was born from the apocalypse year of damnation of 1998. Warlock Of The Split Hooves began that occult ritualistic pure satanist birth, in a real goal of necromantic and death exalted witchery expension. His art is purely dedicated to SATAN and not to pitiful poor mortal souls... CONJÜRATÖR IS THE HAND OF EVIL DOWN THERE !!! "Erosplattered" was the first offering to the beast in the year of the bastard 2007. Many years preparing this total ritual desecration involving many teaches on the way how to soak his mind with unholy knowledge and torments of he who shines darkness.

Dedicated to the most determined blasphemous insanity, squashing velocity & sickness. As a tribute to such bands as: early Impaled Nazarene, early Dark Funeral, Azag-Thoth, Bestial Warlust, Von, and the illness and disaster of early Sarcofago, Vondur, Tsatthogua, Zyklon B with a step further into the blistering speed holocaust war metal genre, with some scattered razorblade cuttings melodies embedded in, perfectly incinerating the womb of mankind...