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- Vocals

- Guitars


- Drums



BASTARDATOR were born bastards in a bastard land in late 2006, on occupied Algonquin territory known as Ottawa, Ontario. At that time, the bastards were Cody on vocals, Eric on bass, Jo on drums, and Patrick on guitar. They soon shat forth their first catastrophe in the form of the "BASTARDS OF MAYHEM" demo tape recorded in the basement of the now defunct Dishouse and released on Harsh Brutal Cold Productions in early 2007. Drawing influences from the likes of CELTIC FROST/ HELLHAMMER, DRI, SODOM, VOIVOD, SLAUGHTER(can),etc... Bastardator sought to pay tribute to these bands while continuously seeking to annihilate that which is the modern conception of "metal", and by doing so, plumiting themselves deep into the metal undergound.

Bastardator parts ways with Cody "sits to piss" Lester after a year or so, for reasons that are still not certain to this day. His leaving is accompanied with a veritable blitz of rumors, some of which pertaining to bestiality, which shall not be dignified herein. Shortly, a new frontman is found in Jeff, solidifying the line up just in time for the band to commence their voyage straight into the heart of the shit abyss. In early april of 2008, the band enters studio cameleon and within three days, lay down the tracks for what shall become known as the IDENTIFY THE DEAD album. It is the sum of a year and a half of work. Still getting their cues from the afforementioned bands and throwning in a good mesure of RAZOR, DIAMOND HEAD, (early)METALLICA, DESTRUCTION,TANK,etc...Bastardator sets their sights on destroying your brain with furious waves of total sonic violence



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