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«Perpetrators of Genocide »

Cat. Number : MMR 015

Release date : May 19th, 2008

Format : CD

Genre : Satanic War Fucking Metal

Country of origin  : Usa


01. Nuclear Rape Assault (MP3)
02. Merciless Satanic Genocide
03. Satanic War Command
04. Trench Plague (MP3)
05. Attack Annihilate Desecrate
06. Sanctimonious Accursed
07. By Force of Arms
08. Blasphemous Victory
09. Bestial War March


On May 19th, the underground shall be stricken by an high magnitude earthquake that will make everything collapse within his range and crush all weakness around. BAPHOMETS HORNS (Usa) will drop their putrid debut album on an unsuspecting world, causing more damages than a 5-ton nuclear warhead!! Be sure to get your copy, unless you want to rot in heaven, forever abused by priests and viccars!!!!

Prepare yourself for a massive, blistering assault of Satanic War Fucking Metal!!!! Fans of true, harsh brutality stand warned!! Violent and sickening attack on your senses, total aural warfare. Vomiting forth material influenced by ancient Australian War Metal spirits and actual Canadian Black / War Metal supremacist, and detonated by unrelenting bloodbarrels blastings and vocals that recalls the screams of agony heard on a devastated warfield, this album will make you puke, posers!!!


CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.