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«Legion of Terror»

Cat. Number : MMR 007

Release date : November 2006

Format : CD (limited edition, 666 copies)

Genre : 
Raw, snarling old-school Black Metal

Country of origin  : Singapore

01. Rites of Blasphemy (Hell version)
02. The Shadows (MP3)
03. Gabriel the Preacher of Lies
04. Unholy Matrimony
05. Countess Bathory (VENOM)
06. Rites of Blasphemy *
07. Revelation of Death * (MP3)
08. Satan’s Conjuration *
09. Nazarene Labyrinth *

* Bonus tracks taken from the “Rites ov Blasphemy” demotape (2005)

Rabid, bestial unholy Black Metal horde BALBERITH from the filthy alleys of Singapore. The band is being influenced by Beherit, Blasphemy, early Marduk, Sarcofago, Angelcorpse, Destruction, Morbid Angel… So you must expect raw, apokalyptic Black Metal with insane female shriekings (none of that fag-goth opera-type vocals) and bombastic drumming somewhat reminescent of Impiety, on their very 1st offerring (Asateerul Awaleen).

available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.