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«Tormenting Pale Flesh Of The Syphilic Holy Whore»

Cat. Number :  MMR 003

Release date :  December 2005

Format :  Mini - CD

Genre : Extreme Satanic Death Metal

Country of origin  : Poland



1.  W obrzydliwosci i bluznierwstwie oddajemy sie rozkoszy
     (Relished in Foulness and Blasphemy)

Part I - Sanctimissimi Corporis Satanas
Part II - Ciasna pizda maryji (Tight Cunt of Holy Mother)
Part III - Sraj Na Grob (Shit on a Grave)

2.  Death To Christianity

Part I – Scorn (MP3)
Part II - Sanctus Satanas

Extreme Satanic Death Metal. The perfect balance between sheer brutality, ultra-precise technicality and plain desecration. Truely devious underground art !! CD comes w/ 12-pages color booklet and over 20 min. of video footage from live rituals as bonus !! Will you withstand the Nuclear Anti-Christian Shitlust ???

available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.