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«Soleil Noir»

Cat. Number : AUTIST 016

Release date : 2004

Format : CD (limited edition 500 copies)

Genre : 
Raw melancholic Black Metal

Country of origin  : Quebec, CANADA

01. Hymne a la Guerre
02. Le Soleil Noir
03. Celui Qui Est Sans Peur
04. Le Retour du Soleil Noir
05. Totale Servitude

* Also includes a hidden track after around 18 minutes of silence.

This album is more guitar oriented than the other Akitsa albums, and this one feels more like raw BM. Of course, the album still proposes a very wide variety of electronic effects, all of them being experimental. Ltd. 500 copies.!!! This was originally issued by Autistiatili Records (Canada). This label has now ceased activities and sold the remainings of their latest pressings to Morbid Moon Records. Here is the only official lair from wich you can still get those raw Black Metal gems. Hails to true BM !!



Absolutely NOIR ! - 99%

Written by Ravachol on May 31st, 2005

After I placed this album on my stereo, I was invaded by one of the most beautiful and melancholic hymns I have ever heard… a simple but interesting riff that seems to grow inside of us, while the second guitar appears and creates the right nuance for this moment. “Soleil Noir” is the latest release of Akitsa, the Canadian underground band. In this album, what you can find is the typical Akitsa style, but you can now notice an evolution. It seems that O.T. has become a better musician, more skilled and the songs seem to flow even better. The “punkish” sound á lá Absurd is still present along with the melancholic tracks and the vocals in French, which work out very well. I haven’t got much to say: this is Akitsa, it couldn’t be anything else. If you enjoy this band, please get this tape, this is the best release of Akitsa so far!! Excelent Black Metal!!