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 «The Full Treatment»

Cat. Number :  MMR 004

Release date :  January 2006

Format :  CD, LP (ltd. Edition)

Genre :  Extreme Thrash / Speed Metal

Country of origin  : Quebec, CANADA

Released in 2005 Released in 1988

01. Forsaken Survival
02. Frozen Aggressor
03. Green Goblin(WMA)
04. One for the Woods
05. Dripping Flesh
06. By the Reaping Hook(WMA)
07. Rotten by Torture
08. Demolition
09. The Final Massacre

Bonus tracks
10. Blaspheming At The Altar (live)
11. Brain Damage / Torment Or Death (live)
12. Possessed By Dawn (live)

Finally available again, Montreal’s (Canada) own nightmare from the past.  You might remember this as it was originally released in 1988 on tiny local label Banzaï recs.  Cheaply bootlegged many times, this is the only official re - release with all new artwork and layout + 3 live bonus tracks!!  Be ready to encounter a barrage of raw churning Thrash / Speed / Death  metal way ahead of their time with pounding blast beats.  Some ugly stuff indeed!!!


LP – tba