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 «The Full Treatment»

Cat. Number :  MMR 029 CD

Release date :  Sept. 2016

Format :  CD

Genre :  Extreme Thrash / Speed Metal

Country of origin  : Québec, CANADA


01. Forsaken Survival
02. Frozen Aggressor
03. Green Goblin(WMA)
04. One for the Woods
05. Dripping Flesh
06. By the Reaping Hook(WMA)
07. Rotten by Torture
08. Demolition
09. The Final Massacre


After a rather average CD re-release more than 10 years ago, and a few crappy bootlegs, the «Full Treatment» album finally gets the digital funeral it deserves. This is the Canadian edition, which features slightly revamped artwork by original cover artist Thrasher Gibouleau, and correct epitaph (none of that « Aggression A.D. » shit !!). 9 tracks of pure, raw blast-beating Thrash / Speed Metal attack from 1987. Though all its greatness, a lot of people into real metal seem to have forgotten this highly-overlooked classic. Do yourself a favor and get with the program!!


CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.