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«Warlords Supremacy»

Cat. Number : MMR 021 CD

Release date : Dec. 25th, 2010

Format : CD

Genre : Death / War Metal

Country of origin  : Canada


01. Spartans (MP3)
02. All For The Glory Of Rome
03. Attila's War
04. When We Were Vikings
05. Vlad Tepes (MP3)
06. The March Of An Emperor
07. Reich Attack
08. Reich's Revenge
09. World War III


Time has come to wage total war on the world. Now this massive nuclear detonation will shake the underground with it's uncontainable violence. Influenced by both old Australian and Canadian War Metal cults, but also drawing touches from ancient Death Metal spirits. The result is an aural battering ram that pounds you mercilessly, while also inducing in some heavier, grinding midpaced death metal with epic and desolate melodic riffing that could bring to mind the mighty Bolt Thrower!! Lyrics are in the same realm as well, detailing historically reknown acts of war, bloody campaigns of conquests and tales of warlords from the past. Obey to the War Command!!


CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.