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«Satanik Fuck»

Cat. Number : MMR 018 CD

Release date : Sept. 15th, 2009

Format : CD, limited 666 copies!

Genre : Violent unholy occult Speed/Black/Thrash

Country of origin  : Usa


01. Satanik shoktrops auf doom (MP3)
02. Satanika pandemonia
03. Behold Satans warriors
04. Cold dish served with hot lead
05. Satanik Metal city
06. Onward to battle for Lucifer
07. S.T.D. (Satanikally Transmitted Disease)
08. Nuklear fist
09. Infinitely diabolic
10. Caligula (MP3)
11. The last devil in Hell
12. Dark gardens of eternal war
13. The rape of nanking
14. Slaughter in the holy cities
15. Apokalyptic visions
15. Demonrider


Hell Paso's Obeisance have chosen to make tracks from their two 7"EPs (Satanik Shoktroops Auf Doom EP + F.U.C.K. EP) available on CD format, along with several old tracks re-recorded exclusively for this release and one new, unreleased track. Expect barbaric, unholy occult Speed/Black/Thrash Metal. The re-rekorded tracks are definitly displaying the band's sickest and heaviest sound ever, even recalling the overtones heard on Sadistik Exekution's insane "We are death, fukk you" album!!!! Limited pressing of 666 copies only!!!


CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.