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«A Journey Upon Phlegethon»

Cat. Number : MMR 028 CD

Release date : Aug. 2016

Format : CD

Genre : Funeral Death / Doom Metal

Country of origin  : USA


01. Shunning the Light (MP3)
02. Buried In Sodom
03. A Heinous Prophecy
04. Upon The Winds Of Woe
05. As The Magician Bleeds (MP3)
06. Flight Of The Glooms
07. Death
08. The Grim Ride


Side project of the mighty Black Lourde of Crucifixion, Hearse issued two demos between 1997-1999 before being put to rest. These long-lost slabs of Funeral Death / Doom Metal were re-issued as a mere 400 copies LP-only release in 2003 and then, sadly forgotten again afterwards.

Once again exhumed from oblivion, those demos will expose a grim, raw facet of Death / Doom not commonly found in other works of the genre... Pace is mostly mid-tempo to slow, but the drumming is quite active. The overall sound is rough and compliments the dark riffs and melodies, creating a gloomy and dreadful atmosphere, you have to experience yourself to fully grasp it.

This new CD-version will contain both demos, liner notes and old pictures from the band. 8 tracks are featured, which altogether make for a playing time of 50 + minutes. Cover artwork by Mark Riddick.


CD – available now, check the Heavy Weaponry (mailorder) section for ordering infos.


Review from Arsenal Inventory

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