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Cat. Number : MMR 022 MC

Release date : Jul. 1st, 2011

Format : Tape Cassette

Genre : Nuclear Black / War Vomit

Country of origin  : France


01. Satanic Chainsaw Sodomy
02. Jesus Flesh Cannibal
03. Satanik Holokaust (MP3)
04. March of the Rats
05. Nekropanzer Execution
06. Celebration of the Vermin
07. Satan's Glory


Goatvermin is ready to expulse streams of rotten nuclear Black / War vomit in your fucking face!! A new form of ugliness has emerged from down under. Barbaric and primitive, but also dares to do something that does not plagiarize such masters as Blasphemy, Conqueror or Bestial Warlust. Only for true maniacs. Pro-tape, no home-dubbed shit! Limited to only 200 handnumbered copies, comes with black & red insert and clear / metallic red foil cassette.


Cassette – available now, check the Mailorder section for ordering infos.