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« Identify The Dead »

Cat. Number : MMR 017 LP

Release date : June 1st, 2011

Format : LP, limited to 666 copies.

Genre : Pissed-off Canadian Thrash / crossover

Country of origin  : Canada


01. Gods on their side (MP3)
02. Identify the dead
03. Conquistador
04. Power of the templars
05. Pillars of oppression
06. Monks of medmenham
07. Thirst for blood
08. Entrenched


Hailing from Ottawa, this is savage Canadian Thrash mixed with the raw, sheer aggression once displayed by early crossover bands. This is not one of those “jump on the bandwagon” retro-Thrash Metal outfits – this is DRI/COC/DOA/GBH-fueled Thrash Fucking Metal with a vicious bite, in the classick vein of canuck gods Piledriver, Slaughter and early Voivod .

Already made on vinyl in really small quantity by an English label, this is the Canadian edition. Limited to 666 copies, this version comes with full color insert and full color jacket featuring originalred layout on back. The mixing is a bit different than the CD, as it was made specifically for LP release. Sounds much better than CD or that English LP edition!!!


LP – available now, check the Mailorder section for ordering infos.